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Media Center: Issues & Controversies

Subscription Resources - Issues & Controversies

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   Opposing Viewpoints

   SIRS Issues Researcher

  Issues & Controversies

  Gale Global Issues in Context

  Academic OneFile - scholarly articles

  Academic Search Premier (EBSCO) - scholarly articles

  CultureGrams - cultures from around the world

  Britannica: General Encyclopedia*

  Gale e-books*


Issues and Controversies


English 10

Assignment Information

Internet Resources - Issues & Controversies


Global Issues Resources (managed by a professor at a Japanese University)

  Both sides to many issues - includes links to further research INCLUDES CITATION TOOL

  Unbiased, balanced news 

  International Debate Education Association.  Many current topics

  Google Scholar


Citation generators are tools to assist in creating citations from user input or URLs. These all have free versions - no need to create accounts or pay a fee. Keep in mind that citation generators do not do your thinking for you!  You must check each citation for accuracy before submitting work to your teacher!  Know your citation style: APA (social sciences) or MLA (most common for high school papers).




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Research Tips!

When researching at home using the MCPS Online Services, you will need to access usernames/passwords from your teacher or in your online classroom (Google or myMCPS).  MCPS Online Services are marked with an asterisk (*).

Most of the articles from MCPS Online Services have MLA citations already created at the bottom of the webpage.  Feel free to copy/paste the citations into a text file (ex. Word) as you compile your bibliography.

This is part of the trial subscription offerings.  Refer to your handout for login information.  Trial subscriptions are marked with two asterisks (**).

 OWL (Online Writing Lab) at Purdue University - Citation formats.  Remember to use MLA format.