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As a JROTC cadet you are embarking on one of the most interesting and valuable educational experiences of your high school career. In JROTC you will be given the chance to participate in your education and will learn to be a better citizen. The program provides you with tools and skills you can use to succeed in high school, but far more importantly, these tools and skills will be useful for the remainder of your life.

JROTC Staff 2017

SAI: COL Shelton, Paul

AI: SFC Alvelo, Carlos


BN Commander: C/LTC Audon, Edgar 

BN CSM: C/CSM Reddick, Kambria 

BN XO: C/MAJ Salazar, Juan 

BN S1: C/2LT Diaz, Javier

BN S2: C/2LT Rivas, Ariana

BN S3: C/CPT Ortega, Josh

BN S4: C/1LT Fuentes, Maria

BN S5: C/CPT Sabatini, Ben

BN S6: C/SFC Sookchayee, Laila

BN S7: C/SFC Curtis, Alexis

BN Chaplain: C/CPT Scott, Daniel

BN FO: C/2LT Ventura, Iris

BN R&U: C/LTC Taby, Justin


Aco Commander: C/CPT Gamble, George

Aco 1SG: C/1SG Orellana, Carla


Bco Commander: C/CPT Vilca, Maylith

Bco 1SG: C/1SG: Lazo, Pedro